Monday, October 26, 2009

AlL aBoUt MeMe MoNdAy!!!!!

Today I am participating in All About Me Monday. YAY!!!!!!
Today's prompt is 10 things that terrify you!!!! I know I am a big fan of horror movies but many things terrify me!!!!
1. Bloody Mary- I am ABSOLUTLEY TERRIFIED of Bloody Mary, I first heard of her in 2nd grade and still afraid. I remember 1 time I did it and it didn't work, I got scared because I thought I saw her. Yikes!!!!
2. Ghosts- The one type of horror movie I can't watch is Supernatural Horror, Because ghosts are really scary!!!! Especially ones you can't see. All of you have heard of Paranormal Activity by now and you know it's about ghosts, right, Well just watching the preview made me open every door and turn every light on. Yikes!!!
3. Robbers- I'm even more scared of robbers than bloody mary. That's all I have to say to explain how much I hate them!!!!
BTW- I got this idea (and the days to come) from my MOM

Thanks For Reading!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

To ThE mOvIeS!!!!!

Hey, guys this post is dedicated to all the scary movies I've seen. On friday me and my buddies went to go see the stepfather in theaters. I promise you it was very suspenseful and scary and I urge you to bring a second pair of pants.
I've seen A lot more but there are still a few I can not wait to see. like The Blair Witch Project, Supposedly the Freakiest movie ever(behind Paranormal Activity The other one is I Know What You Did Last Summer which set the guidelines for movies like Scream, and other slasher movies.
I know I'm dragging on about horror movies, but it's getting closer to halloween so...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

WhAt A mIsErAbLe FrIdAy I hAd

O.k so Im know it takes me so long between posts but as people say "it's yours you can do anything with it." So... On friday, or more like thursday afternoon, our schools' air conditioning broke and as of friday it wasn't fixed. So throughout the whole day on friday it was miserable especially because there was a fire drill.
I know my posts are getting really short but again it's mine I can do anything I want with it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

WrItErS wOrKsHoP

So to really kick off my bloggin return it's time for... WRITERS WORKSHOP!!!!!.
So the topic I chose is... How You Met Your Best Friend...
My best friend is currently Christen Black. We met in fourth grade in my first year at blankner. according to her she said I was singing Hillary Duff songs and stuff and that made them thing I was cool. But what I remember is that she thought I needed some friends and decided to be mine and still is. Christen (unlike who I thought was my best friend david) knows when it's time to stop. So this post goes to christen.