Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It"S wEdNeSdAy!!!

Hey guys, so today is Wednesday, DUH, and It"s early day at school soo.....

Today in geography I was caught writing the screenplay for my movie Veterans Day (gorror) He took my notebook away and then went on with the lesson. He asked to see me after class and told me he doesn't like it when kids decide to do homework in his class (which I wasn't) he told me it was disrespectful and blahblahblah. On top of that in band I got in trouble for not having my music... And my instrument. So poor CJ was in a mess today. Tommorow I have band rehearsal and then friday I have a Book Club in the morning... And a Social(Dance) in the afternoon!!!
Oh BTW I think I may post the whole screenplay on my blog later today so... LOok out for it
See you later

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WhErE dO i BeGiN!!!

Hey guys... I'M SOOOOO SORRY I've been gone so long... you know homework and stuff. So I've got a lot of filling in to do!!!
Thanksgiving for me was great I was stuffed and probably fell asleep to early!!! That friday was like what my dad calls a "watch me work" day so... OH and the days before that were kinda long because we really didn't do anything but... and then saturday we went to Old Town... Actually Fun Spot USA but who cares... I rode A LOT of rides including The Hot Seat, A big GIANT swing that you sit in and it swings you almost upside down, and the go karts which are INSANE!!! I mean Normal Go karts stay on the ground but fun spot go karts go up a BIG spiral and then you have to have a way to get down so they have a small hill that speeds your go kart up and then they have a banked turn and then and even larger hill!!! WOW!!!

I forgot about school... OH MY... Break was great and now I have TONS of homework like reading a novel that doesnt count on our reading log and then another novel that does count... YIKES...

Well I've probably wrote so much I'm giving you headaches so BYEBYE for now
<3 CJ