Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It"S wEdNeSdAy!!!

Hey guys, so today is Wednesday, DUH, and It"s early day at school soo.....

Today in geography I was caught writing the screenplay for my movie Veterans Day (gorror) He took my notebook away and then went on with the lesson. He asked to see me after class and told me he doesn't like it when kids decide to do homework in his class (which I wasn't) he told me it was disrespectful and blahblahblah. On top of that in band I got in trouble for not having my music... And my instrument. So poor CJ was in a mess today. Tommorow I have band rehearsal and then friday I have a Book Club in the morning... And a Social(Dance) in the afternoon!!!
Oh BTW I think I may post the whole screenplay on my blog later today so... LOok out for it
See you later

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WhErE dO i BeGiN!!!

Hey guys... I'M SOOOOO SORRY I've been gone so long... you know homework and stuff. So I've got a lot of filling in to do!!!
Thanksgiving for me was great I was stuffed and probably fell asleep to early!!! That friday was like what my dad calls a "watch me work" day so... OH and the days before that were kinda long because we really didn't do anything but... and then saturday we went to Old Town... Actually Fun Spot USA but who cares... I rode A LOT of rides including The Hot Seat, A big GIANT swing that you sit in and it swings you almost upside down, and the go karts which are INSANE!!! I mean Normal Go karts stay on the ground but fun spot go karts go up a BIG spiral and then you have to have a way to get down so they have a small hill that speeds your go kart up and then they have a banked turn and then and even larger hill!!! WOW!!!

I forgot about school... OH MY... Break was great and now I have TONS of homework like reading a novel that doesnt count on our reading log and then another novel that does count... YIKES...

Well I've probably wrote so much I'm giving you headaches so BYEBYE for now
<3 CJ

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PoSt It NoTe!!!!

It's time for Post It Note Tuesday!!!!! YAY!!!!!! You'll get a laugh out of some of these!!!! Some of them may also make you think "What A Great Son" HAHA!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

AlL aBoUt MeMe MoNdAy!!!!!

Today I am participating in All About Me Monday. YAY!!!!!!
Today's prompt is 10 things that terrify you!!!! I know I am a big fan of horror movies but many things terrify me!!!!
1. Bloody Mary- I am ABSOLUTLEY TERRIFIED of Bloody Mary, I first heard of her in 2nd grade and still afraid. I remember 1 time I did it and it didn't work, I got scared because I thought I saw her. Yikes!!!!
2. Ghosts- The one type of horror movie I can't watch is Supernatural Horror, Because ghosts are really scary!!!! Especially ones you can't see. All of you have heard of Paranormal Activity by now and you know it's about ghosts, right, Well just watching the preview made me open every door and turn every light on. Yikes!!!
3. Robbers- I'm even more scared of robbers than bloody mary. That's all I have to say to explain how much I hate them!!!!
BTW- I got this idea (and the days to come) from my MOM

Thanks For Reading!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

To ThE mOvIeS!!!!!

Hey, guys this post is dedicated to all the scary movies I've seen. On friday me and my buddies went to go see the stepfather in theaters. I promise you it was very suspenseful and scary and I urge you to bring a second pair of pants.
I've seen A lot more but there are still a few I can not wait to see. like The Blair Witch Project, Supposedly the Freakiest movie ever(behind Paranormal Activity The other one is I Know What You Did Last Summer which set the guidelines for movies like Scream, and other slasher movies.
I know I'm dragging on about horror movies, but it's getting closer to halloween so...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

WhAt A mIsErAbLe FrIdAy I hAd

O.k so Im know it takes me so long between posts but as people say "it's yours you can do anything with it." So... On friday, or more like thursday afternoon, our schools' air conditioning broke and as of friday it wasn't fixed. So throughout the whole day on friday it was miserable especially because there was a fire drill.
I know my posts are getting really short but again it's mine I can do anything I want with it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

WrItErS wOrKsHoP

So to really kick off my bloggin return it's time for... WRITERS WORKSHOP!!!!!.
So the topic I chose is... How You Met Your Best Friend...
My best friend is currently Christen Black. We met in fourth grade in my first year at blankner. according to her she said I was singing Hillary Duff songs and stuff and that made them thing I was cool. But what I remember is that she thought I needed some friends and decided to be mine and still is. Christen (unlike who I thought was my best friend david) knows when it's time to stop. So this post goes to christen.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm A hOrRiBlE bLoGgEr!!!!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now this is my sortest post

Thursday, August 27, 2009

FiRsT wEeK iS aLmOsT OvEr!!!! AnD WrItErS wOrKsHoP

Yes!!!! I've almost made through my first week of my last year of middle school!!!!!!!!!!!!
So It's been great, I haven't been able to post because you know homework. But I'm SO EXCITED to be in 8TH GRADE!!!!!!!!

1. Well, I saw ALL of my friends and they got to see my Bro!!!!

2. I got my Desired schedule, With a lot of my friends!!!!!

3. All my teachers are SO nice!!!!!!!

4.No fire drill [not until wednesday(yesterday)]


Thursday, August 20, 2009

WrItErS wOrKsHoP!!!! YaY!!!

I'll start off by saying sorry for not being on here for SOOOO long ( yep sunday was SOOOO long ago.) Now I'm going to get into Writers Workshop.
Prompt: If these walls could talk.
I don't exactly know what this truly means but I'll say what I think, If walls could talk I'm sure they would be so tired of being painted, I mean we humans drown the walls with paint I wouldn't blame them!!! I'm sure they would like some air (this one going towards teenage girls, particulary Jonas Brothers fans) If you were a wall would you like posters all over you. But if walls could talk I am sure we humans would love to shut them up, because they would probably always complain!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I know I just posted but I just had to get this off my chest because, well I can't tell the person this is about what I am about to say!!!
Have you ever wanted to yell at your Dad/Moms Fiancee/BF to SHUT THE FREAK UP... YOUR NOT THEIR MOM!! DON'T YELL AT THEM LIKE THAT.
Have you ever wanted to tell him/her when they say that they are tired of you that you are tired of them!!!
Have you ever gotten so mad at them and when you told your Dad/Mom and they DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!
Oh and 1 more thing, Do you ever want to ask them Why am I always blamed for stuff? Answer that! WHY!!!!
OMG she makes me so mad sometimes, that I would risk not visiting my dad to not see her


Today me, my dad, and baby nathan went to go look for some camoflauge pants. Old Navy didn't have them, then American Eagle didn't have them, and then, here's where the LOST part comes in...
We went to the factory outlet mall, looking for a Dickies, because my dad thought they would have them, the first time we went there we couldn't find Dickies, Then we used his GPS to look for it and after 30 minutes in the HoT sun we finally found it!!! Just our luck though, they didn't have them!!! OOOOO.MMMMM.GGGGG!!!
Another thing is that we needed to get milk for baby(1) nathan, the gas station had absolutley NO milk!!! OOOOO.MMMMMM.GGGGGG!!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

NoThInG rEaLlY

Today, I geuss I a just Posting to post. I'm at my dads house and he got back from Minesota today :)!!! Yah So I've officially made my shortes post!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

WrItErS wOrKsHoP aNd An IdEa

So today I'm in the creative mood, I will do Writers Workshop AND share an amazing idea ( if you do not like horror movies, the second part may not appeal to you).

So the prompt I choose is: Why is your child in time out? But since I"m the child, I'll change it to Why am I in time out?

In the UP TO DATE technology world there is a thing called an ipod (translation:mp3 or "advanced walkman"). Now on these Ipods you can get apps, one being text messages (translation: cell phone emails). So one day, I was I geuss being a little bratty, and I was texting my abuela some stuff I can't mention because I still haven't told the person who busted me. Anyway, she (My dads "fiance" noticed me and told me she wanted to see my text messages, while holding baby nathan, I deleted them and showed her. At that point she was already mad but that just made her blow her top! So she at first was trying to be "nice" and ask "politely". But being a teenager I just sat there and thats what made her even MADDER. So after that everytime I texted my abuela That day I deleted them. Abuela ended up coming there because she ALWAYS worries about me. :)

Now on to my BRILIANT idea.
Recently I have been getting into horror and gorey movies or "gorror" (get it). I came up with a great idea 2 nights ago when it was dark and too late to come and tell all you guys!!
Heres what I imagine the preview to be.
Announcer: When the lights go out...
(goes to girl walking in the dark)
Announcer: Things get creepy...
(same girl): Hello, Is anybody there...
Announcer: Things just aren't... As they seem...
( an assotment of unnexplainable noices)
Different girl; h..ell...o
Announcer: And these 7 people...
(each of the seven peoples pictures come up)
Announcer: Are going to get the worst of it.
( goes to [like any gore film] many scenes of violent screams and sounds)
Announcer:Lights Out... Rated R... In theaters Soon

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


OK so those of you who can read this, I'm so sorry that the site said it wasn't there anymore. I accidently changed the url andit messed stuff up. So if you click on my moms link now it should lead you here. SoRrY!!!!

ScArY eXpErIeNcE aNd WoRdFuL wEdNeSdAy

So as we were driving to angies end of the year party today, we were at an intersection and the light turned green but someone ran a red light and we AMOLST got hit, it was SO SCARY!!!

Anyway, I've decided I'm going to do Wordful Wednesday today. This picture is one I remember.

When we went to Niagara Falls we flew into the Buffalo Niagara International Airport so, when drive off the onto the main road you see nothing but as you get closer to CANADA, out of the blew comes these big buildings, we were amazed, we did end up staying in canada, (the big one on the right was our hotel)

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I'm still new so it'll take a little while to get the hang of it>\

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not me Monday

O.k so Igeuss I can't really find anything to post so I'll tell you all of my not me's From MckMama

I did not get mad at the neighbor kid "C" for telling secrets about me and my bros
I did not let the other neighbors son play with my scooter, because I did not not want to look bad.
I did not feel embarrased when my old geography teacher came to our table to say hi. Because He was not telling them how I was such a good student.
I did not freak out when Uncle will and joseph got in a spit ball fight, because I was not Grossed Out.
Amd finally, WE did not stay up so late playing guitar hero AGAIN.

Does it make me a bad blogger to post twice within 10 minutes!?!?!?!?!


More Family!!!

So today we saw Gamps AGAIN. We ate a marvelous dinner at Red Lobster (we don't have to call it "red chicken" anymore, if you dont know what i'm talking about see this) Anyway since our party was so big they had 2 servers n=and one had one side and the other had the other. Uncle Will is a child inside, so he taught joseph how to spit ball, YIKES!!!
Something else that was cool was tha my geography teacher had a table right next to ours!!! Unfortunatly he won't be returning to our school next year, STUPID BUDGET CUTS!!!!!
So... Bye for now



Sunday, August 9, 2009


So we went to my Gamps house today, Had a great time with uncle will and papou. I just love going there.
Of course family is always important but...
Grama has my DREAM computer, so while I'm there I have to use it sometime.
School is right around the corner too. At my school, we are required to read atleast 1 book on the SSSYR list (SunShineStateYearlyReaders). Well only when your entering 6th through 8th grade. Yah so these past few days I've been reading my books. Did Imention we have to answer QUESTIONS!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My First Post

Well, I've been brought into the blogging world by mom. Igeuss me and her just LOVE telling people about our lifes.

So in honor of my first post heres some pics:

My Closest brother, Ethan

He's the brainy one

Here is my 3rd Brother, Joseph

He's the athletic(WILD) one.

Here's Angie ( she's the little girl in the picture)

She's the 1/2 princess 1/2 tomboy.

And, you probably know who my mom is.