Tuesday, June 15, 2010

O--M--G!!!!!! I'm So Excited!!!!!

Hey blogging buddies!!!! Have you ever been so excited that you want to just scream!!!! Well, screaming is exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow, want to know why?? Tomorrow I will being going to (Drumroll, PLEASE!!!) Busch Gardens for the first time!!!! I'm so excited. It was a last minute decision and my Gamps told me that if he was going to drive 1 1/2 hours to tampa I would have to ride Shiekra, yes, you read right, shiekra. 90 Degrees straight down!!!! Now, I'm scared. Just wanted to give ya'll a quick update since I've been such a terrible blogger. Seriously, APRIL!!!! Hopefully, you guys will keep reading here and not lose faith!!!
<3 CJ!!!!!
P.S - I'm so excited I spelled Sheikra wrong!!! L.O.L!!!!!

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  1. Then you get to come home and tell us how it was! I love Busch Gardens! YAY


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